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Tune in to the Manufacturing Masters Podcast for courageous conversations with manufacturing leaders and experts that will help you transform at the speed of culture and grow your business.


Hosted by our resident marketing expert, Allison DeFord, and here for you weekly to share relatable stories, insights, and best practices in manufacturing to keep you inspired, motivated, and empowered.


New episodes drop every Wednesday. Here we grow!

Episode #1: From one Manufacturer to Another

Episode #2: Driving Imapact At Scale Through Your Local MEP

Episode #3: Who Needs A Strategy When My Orders Are Up To 20% YOY?

Episode #4: 3 Key To Developing Business Someone Will Buy

Episode #5: Rising Together: The Importance of Female Mentorship and Support in Skilled Trades

Episode #6: Decluttering Your Way To Mastering Industrial Safety

Episode #7: Learn from the Queen of the World Class Maintenance

Episode #8: How to Think Like a World-class Aftermarket Parts Manager

Episode #9: Manufacturing ain't always pretty

Episode #10: How To Become A Preferred Employer This Year

Episode #11: Helping Keep Your Top Talent From Becoming Someone Else's

Episode #12: Create A Digital Twin of Your Sales Team

Episode #13: We've Got To Increase Sales By 10%

Episode #14: Improving Mental Health Impacts Your Business and Bottomline

Episode #15: Empathy + Synergy + Strategy = Victory

Episode #16: Priming the Pump to Close the Skills Gap

Bonus Episode: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome—A life changing conversation with Darrin Mitchell

Episode #17: Getting Enthusiastic Buy-in to Create Rapid Change

Episode #18: From Intern to CEO

Episode #19: How To Use Video To Grow Your Manufacturing Business

Episode #20: Creating an Employee Recognition Board

Episode #21: Leveraging the Power of Linkedin to Grow Your Manufacturing Business

Episode #22: How To Know When It's Time to Rebrand

Episode #23: Attracting Millennials and Gen Z in Manufacturing

Episode #24: Manufacturers Mastermind: Golden Opportunity

Episode #25: Linkedin: Getting From Connection to Sales Call

Episode #26: Stop Trying to Be Everything to Everyone

Episode #27: Mash up

Episode #28: You Have Permission to Punch Above Your Weight Class

Episode #29: Stop Labeling People and Look Beyond

Episode #30: Maximizing Your Daily Standups

Episode #31: Rethinking Your Benefits Package

Episode #32: Competency Doesn't Create Conversations

Episode #33: Preparing Manufacturers for Digitization

Episode #34: The Value of Adding Veterans to Manufacturing

Episode #35: Dealing with Tomorrow's Problems Before They Happen

Episode #36: The True Cost of Tooling

Episode #37: Generating B2B Leads on Linkedin with the Referrals First Approach

Episode #38: Covid Hangover Cure for Manufacturers

Episode #39: Turn a Maintenance Person Into a Planner

Episode #40: How Manufacturers Get Staff Involved in Innovation

Episode #41: How To Get A Bigger Bang For Your Tradeshow Buck


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