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Meet our Experts

Agnes Lan.png
Agnes Lan
Area: Sales Training
Experience: Sales & Vice-President at Change Connect
Allison DeFord.png
Allison Deford
Area: Branding for Manufacturers
Experience: Founder at FELT Marketing for Manufacturers
Andrew Penny.png
Andrew Penny
Area: International Marketing
Experience: President at Kingsford
Andy Erickson.png
Andy Erickson
Area: Team Lead Development
Experience: Lead Manufacturing Consultant Boeing
Anna McGovern.png
Anna McGovern
Area: Planning & Supply Chain
Experience: Founder & Managing Director at Pondview Consulting
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Arthur Field.png
Arthur Field
Area: Tooling & Machining
Experience: Machinist at CMP Group
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Bill Palifka.png
Bill Palifka
Area: Cybersecurity
Experience: CEO at Cymonix
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Brian Dunn.png
Brian Dunn
Area: Food and Beverage in Manufacturing
Experience: President & CEO at The Food Manufacturing Group
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Brian Holmes.png
Brian Holmes
Area: Continuous Improvement
Experience: General Manager Columbia Plastics
Chad Metcalf.png
Chad Metcalf
Area: Practical Lean
Experience: VP Business Trasformation Soulution Plus Inc.
Chris Beck.png
Chris Beck
Area: Additive Manufacturing
Experience: Operations Manager Innovative 3D Manufacturing
Chris Nadeau.png
Chris Nadeau
Area: Logistics
Experience: Senior Management Con-way
Craig Cegielski.png
Craig Cegielski
Area: Working with the community
Experience:Tech. Ed. Teacher at Eleva-Strum School district
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Damon Pistulka.png
Damon Pistulka
Area: Business Valuation
Experience: Managing Director, Exit Your Way
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Darcey Lynch.png
Darcey Lynch
HR Policy & Workplace Investigations
Experience: President and Founder at Levitate HR Strategies
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Dave Meyer.png
Dave Meyer
Area: Internet Marketing for Manufacturers
Experience: Trainer for Google
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David Crysler.png
David Crysler
Area: Production Management
Experience: General Manager Folder Express
David McNally.png
David McNally
Area: Automated Data & Reporting
Experience: Director at SiteFlo
David Sherman.png
Dave Sherman
Area: Financial Operational Management
Experience: Founder, Excecutive Coach and Advisor at DS Solutions
Dawn Truell.png
Dawn Truell
Area: Import / Export and Compliance
Experience: Senior Customs Analyst, Customs Consultants Canada Ltd.
Elena Bachman.png
Elena Bachman
Area: CAM
Experience:Innovating in, and teaching, CAM
Elizabeth Eldridge.png
Elizabeth Eldridge
Area: Mental Health
Experience: CEO at Summit Corporate Wellness
LinkedIn 2.webp
LinkedIn 2.webp
Elizabeth Plouffe.png
Elizabeth Plouffe
Area: Neurodiverse workforce
Experience: Founder at Spero Careers Canada
LinkedIn 2.webp
Emily Wilkins.png
Emily Joann Wilkins
Area: Job Shop Manufacturers
Experience: Director of Marketing and New Business Development, Broadview
LinkedIn 2.webp
Evan Facinger.png
Evan Facinger
Area: Amazon for Manufacturers
Experience: Director of Sales and Marketing at Foremost Media, Inc
Fancois Gau.png
Francois Gau
Area: Business Development
Experience: President & CEO at GrowthHive
Florian Meyer.png
Florian Meyer
Area: Financial Leadership
Experience: CFO Newhouse Partners
Gair Maxwell.png
Gair Maxwell
Area: Facing the World
Experience: TEC Canada Speaker of the Year
Gayle Wadden.png
Gayle Wadden
Area: Employment law
Experience: Co-Founder and CLO at Compliance Works
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Greg Mischio.png
Greg Mischio
Area: Web-Content for Manufacturers
Experience: Copywriter CUNA Mutual Group
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Gregory Norris.png
Gregory Norris
Area: Financing Options
Experience: Director at Liquid Capital
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Hassan El Bouhail.png
Hassan el Bouhali
Area: IT Leadership
Experience: CIO at Riot Tinto
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Hugo Diaz.png
Hugo Fuentes Diaz
Area: Supply Chain Management
Experience: Supply Chain Director at Finning
Jacob Hall.png
Jacob Hall
Area: Community Engagement
Experience: Keynote Speaker and Content Creator at The Manufacturing Millennial
Jamie Irvine.png
Jamie Irvine
Area: Sales on Linkedin
Experience: CEO of the Heavy Duty Consulting Corporation & host of The Heavy Duty Parts Report
Jeff Lem.png
Jeff Lem
Area: Inventory Management
Experience: President Portable Intelligence
Jeff Long.png
Jeff Long
Area:  Web-Content for Manufacturers
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Jose Palomino.png
Jose Palomino
Area: Sales Training
Experience: Sales Director Yankee Group
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Jennifer DeWare.png
Jennifer DeWare
Area: Continuous Improvement for Business Processes
Experience: Master Black Belt Process Improvement
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Kelland Sewell.png
Kelland Sewell
Area: Risk Management
Experience: Manager, Risk & Policy, Quilliq Energy Corporation
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Kim Wolf.png
Kim Wolf
Area: Maintenance Programs
Experience: Plant Manager Campbell Soup
Ken Cheo.png
Ken Cheo
Area: Sales Training
Experience: President Our Sales Coach
Kjell Lindqvist.png
Kjell Lindqvist
Area: Financial Control
Experience: COO Ångström Aerospace
Kristina Harrington.png
Kristina Harrington
Area: Aftermarket Parts Department
Experience: Regional Manager Caterpillar
Lalith Gunaratne.png
Lalith Gunaratne
Area: Mindfulness
Experience: Director Sage Training (Pvt) Ltd
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Laura O'Laney.png
Laura O'Laney
Area: Reporting for Leadership
Experience: Safety Analyst, Transport NSW
LinkedIn 2.webp
Lisa Ryan.png
Lisa Ryan
Area: Culture
Experience: Founder / Chief Appreciation Strategist at Grategy
LinkedIn 2.webp
Lu Phillips.png
Lu Phillips
Area: Engineering Management
Experience: Winner Boeing Supplier of the Year
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Mark Shalinsky.png
Mark Shalinsky
Area: Sales Technology
Experience: Director Inside Sales & Partner Operations FatStax
Markus Rimmele.png
Markus Rimmele
Area: Digitalization
Experience: Founder at DigitalituM
Meaghan Ziemba.png
Meaghan Ziemba
Area: Women in Manufacturing
Experience: Host Mavens of Manufacturing
Mike Pierce (Antarctic).png
Mike Pierce (Antarctic)
Area: Leadership
Experience: President National Speakers - San Diego
Monte Pedersen.png
Monte Pedersen
Area: Planning & Execution
Experience: Principal CDA Group
LinkedIn 2.webp
Natalie Oldfield.png
Natalie Oldfield
Area: Customer Relationships
Experience: Chief Marketing Officer at Solution Inc.
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Nelson Brison.png
Nelson Brison
Area: Safety Planning
Experience: President at Contingency Safety Solutions Inc
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Oscar Roche.png
Oscar Roche
Area: Standardized Work
Experience: Director, Training within Industry
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Patrick McEwin.png
Patrick McEwin
Area: Research and development
Experience: Engineering Team Lead at NorthBridge Consultants
Pascale Mapleston.png
Pascale Mapleston
Area: Employee Benefit
Experience: President at The Benefit Code/Core Benefits
Paul Vragel.png
Paul Vragel
Area: Operations Management
Experience: Program Manager BP Amoc
Phil Ranck.png
Phil Ranck
Area: Process Improvement for New Manufacturers
Experience: Process Improvement MBB and Deployment Director, United States Army
Randy Wiskirchen.png
Randy Wiskirchen
Area: Parcels
Experience: In-sourced Freight Manager
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Raymond Ziganto.png
Raymond Ziganto
Area: Value Chain Development
Experience: Manufacturing Director Northern Illinois University
LinkedIn 2.webp
Rob Felber.png
Rob Felber
Area: Public Relations
Experience: Owner and Marketing Executive at Felber PR & Marketing
LinkedIn 2.webp
Ryan Wicklum.png
Ryan Wicklum
Area: Supplier Management
Experience: Manager, Supply Chain Clearpath
LinkedIn 2.webp
Sam Gupta.png
Sam Gupta
Area: Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Experience: Principal Consultant ElevatIQ
Sam Klaidman.png
Sam Klaidman
Area: Supply Chain
Experience: Founder and Principal Adviser at Middlesex Consulting
Samuel Steele.png
Samuel Steele
Area: Engineering Teams
Experience: Mechanical Designer at Motion Designer
Shaurabh Singh.png
Shaurabh Singh
Area: Machine Monitoring
Experience: Systems Engineering Director at The Association for Manufacturing Technology
Shelley Brown.png
Shelley Brown
Area: Human Resources
Area: Human Resources Executive, Corporate Speaker and Excecutive Coach
Steve Bohlman.png
Steve Bohlman
Area: Technology Lean
Experience: Co-founder and COO of Cymonix 
Tom Morris.png
Tom Morris
Area: Parcels
Experience: Founder and Owner of Global Marketing Network, LLC
Tom Paul.png
Tom Paul
Area: Distribuition Marketing
Experience: Founder of BAM!
Troy Lenihan.png
Troy Lenihan
Area: Organizational Lean
Experience: Director of CI & Operations at Eden Valley Poultry
Vince Repaci.png
Vince Repaci
Area: Change Management
Experience: Director of Projects, Mitchell Industries
Vlad Romanov.png
Vlad Romanov
Area: Automation
Experience: Co-Founder / Manufacturing Executive at SolisPLC
Zach Selch.png
Zach Selch
Area: International Sales
Experience: Writer: Sales and global Growth Forbes

New Experts Added Every Two Weeks!

How are the Experts certified?

  1. Introductory Interview: The certification process begins with an introductory interview conducted by the President of Manufacturing Masters, Darrin Mitchell. This initial step assesses the expert's experience and depth of knowledge in the relevant category. It is noteworthy that many candidates do not advance beyond this stage, often those who are primarily speakers or authors promoting lifestyle books.

  2. Coaching with a specialist: Following the initial interview, candidates undergo coaching with a specialist in developing short video formats. This stage serves a dual purpose: evaluating the candidate's commitment and enhancing the quality of our content.

  3. Industry Review: We present the proposed video titles to industry experts, such as our representatives at EMC, to ensure relevance and accuracy. During this phase, some videos may be revised or replaced based on expert feedback.

  4. Agreement and Code of Conduct: Once the videos receive approval, experts must sign an agreement that includes a detailed code of conduct, ensuring professional and ethical standards are upheld.

  5. Category Assignment: We verify that each expert is appropriately categorized, providing customers with clear expectations regarding the expertise they will receive.

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