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Get the Playbooks

The playbooks are downloadable guides to the topics covered on Manufacturing Masters. They are designed in to be used in meetings, to facilitate discussions and to create change in your processes.

Leadership Playbooks

Success Habit Checklist 

How to align your departments 

Checklist for becoming award winning 

When do you need to fire a manager?  

How to get the marketing and sales teams to work together 

How do I give my product a dramatic and interesting story? 

Sales and Marketing Playbooks

How to reignite your brand 

How do we find the best market?  

Build your 3 part marketing strategy 

Successful Trade Show and Conferences Strategies 

Following up on Trade Show leads 

What to do before attending a Trade Show 

How to prepare when your salesperson is leaving 

Steps to equip your sales team 

How do I set the price? 

Which CRM to use and when 


Distribution and Logistics Playbooks

How to prepare for new distributors 

How to negotiate with trucking companies 

Continuous Improvement Playbooks

How do we develop a continuous improvement culture 

How to run an efficient meeting 

How to improve office productivity 

How do we build a change team in a manufacturing business? 

How to set up standardized work 

You have too many experts in your factory 

How to standardize complex work 

How to make sure that the standardized process is being followed 

How to deal with defects in standard work 


Internet Marketing Playbooks

Selling high margin low volume on Amazon 

How to evaluate a web-marketer for manufacturers 

The different ways to sell on Amazon 

The Ultimate Website Review 

How to set up a Google Business Profile 

The free google tools you should be using today 


Business Leadership Playbooks

Account Based Marketing for Manufacturers 

Building Sales Ready Messaging 

Choosing Channel Partners  

Existing Customer Potential Analysis 

How to Map your Market 

Sweet Spot Analysis 


Health and Safety Playbooks

How to fix failing safety programs  


Finance and Reporting

How do we get our accountant to contribute to the business? 

What are the metrics for slowly dying business? 

How do we cost by SKU? 

How do we get flexible financial solutions? 

Business Planning Playbooks

Performance agreement 

Yearly plan implementation checklist 

Alignment with business strategy 


Design and Engineering

Choosing which CAD to use 

The 80/20 rule in CAD 

Instilling Discipline in Design 

If there was an award for what you do, would you win it? 


Specialty Manufacturers

Blueprint for a radical brand message 

Setup for a radical job shop 


HR and Recruitment

Building a leadership pipeline 

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