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You're a manufacturing business not a manufacturing process 

The one constant in manufacturing is "problems", and some we're really good at solving. We know how to weld, we know how to use a CNC machine, we know how to make it faster and cheaper but it is all the other challenges none of us were ever trained for:

  • How do I find overseas distributors?

  • Why did IOT fail in our factory?

  • How do we scale inventory with production?

  • How do manufacturers deal with the threat of ransomware?

  • How do I manage our engineering team? 

Learn Best Practices From The Best Manufacturing Experts In The World

Choose From Hundreds of Topics

Supply chain management


Important / Export

Inventory management

Direct Procurement

Supplier management

Manufacturing value chain



EDI for manufactures

Brand development

Working with distributors on Amazon

Customer relationships

Maintenance programs

Production Management

Operations planning

Quality Assurance

Front line leadership

Engineering management

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems

Manufacturing Masters Is Trusted By The Best In manufacturing Worldwide

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What is Manufacturing Masters?

Manufacturing Masters is on demand training and best practice for manufacturing businesses:

- Training in business operations 

- Real Experts with experience in manufacturing not just presenters

- Available anytime, anywhere

Who has access?

When you sign up to Manufacturing Masters you get four additional accounts to give to your team and the ability to add, delete or change those members at any time

Are we locked into a contract?

Manufacturing Masters has no contracts, you can cancel at any time without any obligation

Can we try it to see if it works for us?

Definitely! We have a one month, no cost trial to see if it's right for you

How much does it cost?

If you want to keep using Manufacturing Masters after the trial it's only 149 a month

Who are the Experts?

Real Experts with manufacturing experience not just presenters who look good on camera

What if we want more help?

If you need more help applying the solutions, or if you want a solution tailored to your business our Experts can be contacted for help

Why Real Manufacturers Trust Manufacturing Masters

"It's practical"

The Experts have real experience not textbook experience. For a manufacturing business that's the kind of training we need.

"I can't take people off the floor for training- now I don't have to."

We access manufacturing masters from the shop floor on our phones and pull it up in meetings when we need it. I like that I control when we learn.

"It's not the same old stuff"

We don't have time for long winded talks about our strategic direction and five year plan. I like this because we use it to improve the business today and a lesson is 5 or 10 minutes.

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Gain 24/7 access to the most influential and trusted manufacturing experts in the world.

It costs tens of thousands of dollars to bring an Expert to your factory.

Now you get access to more than a hundred for less than the cost of cable every month.

149/month for unlimited access after free trial with no contract


More than 100 Experts... and growing

Gain the confidence, knowledge, and know-how you need to succeed.


doesn't have to be hard or require special shoes

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